About me

You'll discover most things about me just by reading my delicious, delicious words.

That said, perhaps you are in a hurry. The internet is always hurrying along; I can respect that. So, in one small and compact nugget, this is what I am about:

  • I am a professional artist. Whenever I am not doing the things that I ramble about in this journal, I am making art. I am making it so hard, that I manage to scrape by and pay the bills with it. Typically I am doing art in some form or another for 8-10 hours a day, every day. I take breaks now and then to roll across the yard and look at natural things.
  • I am married. We act like third graders that show affection by throwing paper airplanes and making  fart noises at one another. This works out remarkably well. You should try it.
  • I love every bird. In fact, I am owned by two pionus parrots, three cockatiels, some finches, and a flock of chickens. This also works out remarkably well. But you might not want to try it.
  • Speaking of chickens, I am immensely fond of mine. I will no doubt let you know just how much by rambling on and on about them frequently.
  • I am an amateur photo enthusiast. I take photos for my art, yes, but I also like crawling around and taking photos of moss, lichens, that cool looking leaf, my chickens, and also moss.
  • I am a geek. I dig fantasy themed stuff, I'm a bird-nerd, I think videogames are cool (even if I never have time to play them anymore) and I regularly cackle at internet memes.
  • I adore freshwater fish-keeping, and am a bit nuts over live plants and shrimps. I love shrimps.
  • I seem to be 30 years old. I am not really sure how this happened, though I suspect it had something to do with the passage of time. 
  • I think that nature, and trees, and plants, and animals, and ferns, and mushrooms, and clouds, and feathers, and most everything is way cool. I have an explosive enthusiasm for it. I will tell you.